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Why Choose CEMS Canada?

Our Mission

To enable Canadian manufacturers develop and sustain an environmentally conscientious facility, that benefits the organization and the environment.

Our Work Ethic

CEMS Canada’s team of experts completes each project with knowledge, experience and care.  


Our Founder

We at CEMS continue to lead by Dr.Khan's commitment to the environment and the manufacturing industry. Our focus is to provide quality consulting services with the ability to adjust to our customer's needs with no compromise to the quality of the project or set time lines.





CEMS is a family business founded by Dr. Tahir R. Khan in 1992. Dr.Khan was a veteran in the environmental industry contributing to the awareness of toxic emissions to air and water quality. Dr.Khan's commitment to better our environment while supporting the manufacturing industry ‘s environmental goals, was recognized throughout the industry. Dr. Tahir R. Khan passed away on October 17, 2010.

Our Guarantee

Our service guarantee, where we  stand by all our work including government compliance projects.  We will resolve All questions and issues with the Governing agency should the need arise.


Our Exclusive Environmental Program

CEMS Canada's exclusive Environmental Program (please see Our Services for further information).

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