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AEP Industries Inc.

a subsidiary of Berry Plastics

As a leader in flexible packaging products, AEP uses state-of-the-art, technology to consistently produce the highest quality flexible film available. Their research and development team can design film to meet any type of application, in almost any combination of tensile strength, thickness, shrinkability, toughness, surface friction, sealability, permeability, transparency and clarity...and we can create it in every existing form -- sheeting, tubing and cut, rolled or perforated bags.

AEP Canada’s West Hill facility has proven its commitment to being an environmentally conscientious manufacturing facility through its state-of-the-art pollution reduction equipment, recycling program and continued involvement in Environmental Compliance Programs.
Please visit  for further information on the company.

Annual Reports

1.  Toxic Substance Comparison Report and Signed Certificate
2.  Plan Summary 

3.  Statement of Certification
4.  Plan Summary PM10

5.  Statement of Certification PM10

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