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Facility Health & Safety

Awareness of your facility's Health and Safety (H&S) is becoming more and more critical for your company's image, employees and unions.  In fact, many companies now require prospective manufacturers to have implemented a H&S program prior to signing any contracts.  Without a solid H&S program, issues such as poor indoor air quality, can lead to illnesses known as Building Related Illness (BRI), increased sick days and, in extreme cases, law suits. 

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Legislation, states that an employer must exercise Due Diligence in the workplace.  Manufactures, in particular, should have a Hazard Control Program when dealing with toxic substances, high levels of noise or vibration.  CEMS Canada works in conjunction with you to ensure all H&S protocols are in place and adhere to government regulation under the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

OH&S Services Included (are not limited to):

1) Air Quality Testing

2) Noise Assessment

3) Vibration Assessment

4) Odor Assessment


Health & Safety Compliance Audit

To mitigate H&S issues, CEMS Canada recommends a thorough evaluation of your facility and manufacturing processes with a H&S compliance audit.  The audit includes a comprehensive review of your facility to determine strengths and weaknesses.  Once these compromising areas have been ascertained, CEMS' team of experts will assist you in developing a plan to alleviate the issues and keep you on track to maintaining a healthy and safe work environment.

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