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CEMS Canada's Environmental Program

How the program works:

Upon joining CEMS Canada,  a project manager will examine your in-house environmental requirements and advise you of any government regulatory programs (mandatory & optional) applicable to your facility, to determine your Environmental Goals.  An Environmental Action Plan will be created, based on your facility’s Environmental Goals, for the calendar/fiscal year.   At the end of the calendar/fiscal year, a Year-End Evaluation will be setup, where your Environmental Action Plan will be reviewed and identify any gaps. The following year’s Environmental Action Plan  will be created, based on any gaps from the previous year and/or changes to you Environmental Goals.  With each Action Plan, you will have a clear and concise overview of your environmental requirements for the following year.

CEMS Canada’s objective, is to save you time.  Your project manager will remain abreast of all government regulatory programs and best practises that apply to your facility and will keep you updated at all time.


Key Steps for CEMS Canada's Environmental Program:
  1. Define your Environmental Goals.

  2. Create you Environmental  Action Plan.

  3. Review your environmental  Work at the Year-End Evaluation meeting.

  4. Identify gaps in  your Environmental Action Plan. 

  5. Create following year’s Environmental Action Plan.

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