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Environmental Consulting

Your Environment is Our Business!

CEMS Canada, is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm providing over 20 years of service to the Manufacturing Industry.  CEMS Canada's team of experts understand the legal requirements companies face today, with government regulatory programs and in-house environmental responsibilities. Environmental matters are becoming more and more complicated with each year.  CEMS Canada commits to making this process seamless, so you and your team can focus on other priorities .  

Our Services

Our Servuces
Government Regulatory 

Reporting release of air, noise and odors, is mandated by government regulatory programs. Should you require immediate attention, contact us now and one of our professional consultants will be pleased to provide you with the information you require for your facility.  


CEMS is technically proficient in handling a range of environmental services. Our focus is to make emission reduction and compliance management an easy process.  

In-House Environmental Initiatives

Health and safety initiatives in the workplace can become overwhelming.  CEMS Canada will ensure you are providing a healthy work environment for you and your employees.

CEMS Canada's Environmental Program & Client Portal

CEMS Canada’s exclusive Environmental Program, will provide you with:
1)  Awareness of all environmental initiatives required for your facility throughout the year.  
▪ Allowing for budgetary and resource planning.
2)  Security that all government mandated programs are being met and completed with accuracy and               timeliness. 
▪ CEMS Canada takes responsibility of your facilities’ mandated programs by staying on top of all regulatory programs and informing you of any changes that may apply to your facility.
3) Time throughout the year to focus on other matters.  
▪ With the yearly action plan and our commitment to keeping you updated on any changes, your time spent on environmental initiatives will be reduced.

Deadlines, recommendations and current and previous projects can be viewed through the Client Portal.  Providing you access to all projects in real-time.

Our Value

CEMS Canada offers competitive prices with services equivalent to those offered by conglomerate businesses.  While working with CEMS Canada, you will be assigned a Project Manager (who is your point of contact) as well as a technical team who will be working on the technical aspects of the job.

To support the industry even further, CEMS Canada now offers a NPRI Plan.  With this plan your organization will benefit from:

1|  Reduced fees for the annual NPRI Reporting, for each year you are subscribed to the plan.

2|  Partake in our exclusive Environmental program, allowing you to plan and budget your environmental projects.

3|  Gain access to our Client Portal where you will be able to view; upcoming deadlines, projects recommended from the Environmental Program and completed reports.  All can be downloaded at anytime.

Please contact us for further information

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